The tremendous progress in modern Biology and the need for biological results quantification, data archiving, analysis, interpretation and information retrieval through the web led to a corresponding explosion in the development of bioinformatics tools and databases. Nevertheless, it is very dangerous especially for the newcomers in the field to rather sink than swim towards the tidal wave of available tools. Furthermore, the selection of the most appropriate tool for a particular application is neither simple nor obvious, especially if one faces the choice of a novel tool over one that is already accepted and widely used. Due to the increased user's inertia in trusting new tools, the new and often improved applications are very slowly tested and adopted.

We present a database called MetaBasis (from the Greek 'metabaino', meaning 'to go over'), that is a web-based database system for retrieving and organizing information relevant to published bioinformatics tools and databases. It is backed on automated high throughput updating procedures and to our knowledge is the biggest existing database (over 3000 entries) of published bioinformatics tools and databases.

MetaBasis contains up to now 3229 published Bioinformatics Tools and Databases !

This work has been published as:

Atlamazoglou V, Thireou T, Hamodrakas Y, Spyrou G.
"MetaBasis: a web-based database containing metadata
on software tools and databases in the field of bioinformatics"
Appl Bioinformatics 2006;5(3):187-92.

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